Quick Introduction


erc721 token
420 units
4.20 FTM each
55% minting used to kickstart rkitten liquidity
Secondary market moved about 50.000 U$ already in less than 2 months

Kittens hd

erc721 token
10.000 units
4.20 FTM each
1:1 attribute and id RETROACTIVE airdrop
some fade 2 colors at any angle, more eyes, more mouths
40% minting burned as rkitten


mint after hd
erc721 token
42.000 units (TBC)
1 rkitten each
100% minting burned as rkitten


erc20 token
25% royalties of all collections bought back as rkitten and burned
25% royalties of all collections bought back as rkitten and sent to liquidity staking rewards
stake rkitten + ftm liquidity for rewards

Fantom Kittens

Fantom Kittens
Fantom Kittens - Specials
Released: Sept 20

Objective: Kickstart community

  • 420 Units
  • 4.2 FTM each mint
  • 7.5% resale royalties on resale to devs (of which 50% is used in rKITTEN dynamics)
  • 55% minting funds used to kickstart rKITTEN
  • Special Honorary Fantom Kitens which are always modeled based on the Original Fantom Kittens Collection and sent to people and services that share our web3 values (We call this collection Specials because we also use it to auction community-made kittens)
  • 50% Royalties are sent to be used in rKITTEN tokenomics
If you hold this token you get “free drops” on all next stuff we make. This is the heart of our community and the lowest count collection!

Fantom Kittens HD

Release: November 21

Objective: Expand our community.

  • 10.000 Units
  • 4.2 FTM each mint
  • 7.5% resale royalties to devs (of which 50% is used in rKITTEN dynamics)
  • 40% of minting funds will be bought back as rKITTEN and burned!!!
  • Airdrop of 1:1 attribute copies of HD kittens to Fantom Kitten holders (Ids #0 to #419)
  • Free HD kitten for every 420 rKITTEN you hold at release
  • Features color gradients, new eyes and mouths.
  • Anti-minting-degens tatics deployed (no sniping the next kitten!)
  • Mint X in one click
  • Instant FIAT to Minting (Will only work in Brazil because of the PIX technology, you read a QR code and money goes out of bank and NFT into your metamask wallet! woosh!)

If you hold this token you get “free drops” on all next stuff we make.

This collection has the same minting price as the OG one so we’ll treat HD owners just like OG holders

Fantom Kitten to HD preview
Fantom Kittens HD

Smol Kittens

Smol Kittens
Community Event after kittens HD minting is finished

Objective: Event for-fun to burn rKITTEN and commemorate the complete minting of the HD collection

  • 42.000 Units
  • 1 rKITTEN each
  • 7.5% resale royalties to devs (of which 50% is used in rKITTEN dynamics)
  • 100% of minting funds will be burned!!!
  • Airdrop of Smol Kitten to every Fantom Kitten holder and Fantom Kitten HD holder (Ids #0 to #419 for FK holders) (Ids #420 to #10,419 for FKHD holders)
  • IN THE WORKS: Airdrop attribute copies on the point above instead of a random smol kitten. I have to solve gradienting the pixel art since HD kittens have gradient and I’m looking into it!


Released: October 10

Objective: introduce our community to DeFi and share our projects success with holders

420.000 total rKITTEN emitted:

  • 200.000 were +airdropped to Fantom Kitten holders
  • 70.000 reserved for liquidity staking rewards
  • 50.000 reserved for community events rewards
  • 42.000 was pooled along with 1000 FTM  to create the first market
  • 58.000 is reserved for our team
  • Staking rewards of 420 rKITTEN/day emitted to rKITTEN+FTM liquidity providers
  • Subject to be bought and burned with funds we make of our future projects.
  • 25% of royalties made from collections resales are bought as rKITTEN and then burned
  • 25% of royalties made from collections resales are sent to liquidity staking rewards
  • IN THE WORKS: v2 tokenomics
  • IN THE WORKS: Vested burning platform Hell Kitten (some spoilers at our github)

Our Team


Working at Vanna, a Brazilian fintech startup making it easier for people to send charges in the digital economy using Pix which is the new Brazil’s Central Bank payment system. I’m mostly known for my work in the ReScript/React Brasil community, giving classes, talks, promoting open source and memes of course.

Since last year I have been diving deeper and deeper into the crypto economy, memes, DeFi, and community.

I’ve helped Worms with Kittens by deploying and managing the contracts.

You can find most of our source codes here: https://github.com/fakenickels/fantom-kittens

I’m having a blast with the project and I really wish to keep going doing more fun experiments in the area with FakeWorms Studio.


Writing about tech at yearn.finance

My passion is designing things and seeing people play with what I’ve built, check out Necrosphere64 which is a web-playable sequel of another game I’ve helped make in the past, (Steam, IOS, PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch).

I also love open source and javascript which I actively try to teach people about it by publishing content

I’ve built the Fantom Kitten generator using my game engines knowledge and teamed up with Fakenickels in order to bring it to life inside the Fantom Network.

Also, I wrote more about generating pixel art in this Medium article

At Fantom Kittens I work along with Fakenickels on deciding the next features and partnerships. I also run the community management and social media. If you want to talk about anything related to this project or this community feel free to reach out!

be a kitten!

You don’t need an NFT or crypto knowledge to be part of our community.

We are constantly learning about Web3 and Defi and building new things together!

If you want to chat with us and dive into this world join our Discord

If you liked what we are doing follow our Twitter and show it to your friends!

We are also starting the Web3Brasil initiative! Check it out!


About the Fantom Kittens image license

NFTs are new and we believe that the token is much more than the image itself.

All kitten images are public licensed and free for everyone to use.

Even if people don’t hold a kitten NFT they can still give and take from the community as much as everyone else and the more we spread kitten images all over the internet the stronger we get.

We incentivize people to join our Discord and generate a kitten image to use as profile picture using our generator at the #links channel anywhere they want if they don’t have a kitten NFT.

Clarifying rKITTEN purpose

rKITTEN is a token that Fantom Kitten holders received for having fantom kittens in their wallets. We’ve raised a Liquidity Pool in order to make this token have a market value where people could either sell the token for instant liquidity or hold to sell whenever the person feels is a good time to sell.

rKITTEN is NOT guaranteed return of investment to anyone, even people that minted a Fantom Kitten for 4.2 FTM is not guaranteed to have their minting investment returned.

rKITTEN is an experimental DeFi product that we made in order to further strengthen our community, with this we can reach out for potential partnerships with DEXes for example

About our community philosophy

Treat other people with respect.

We’ve published the kitten collection because we really like its artistic concept. We have never given any direct incentive to any influencer in order to get the kittens known in the first place. The only active marketing effort we do is posting at our studio twitter about our community and our features, for example, you won’t see us pushing people to buy/sell a kitten. Now after a couple months of our release we are starting to communicate with FTM influencers to further broaden our Twitter’s reach, but it’s always with transparent and spamless initiatives.

We believe in a community that is built organically and out of authentic interaction between people, we will always be open to engaging in constructive discussions about our structures.

Both devs maintain this project in their free time and we’d like the environment to be light-hearted so everyone can enjoy their time in our community.

What is ERC20, ERC721, and what it Minting?

ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments, which is the name given to standard smart-contracts that build resilient products and can easily be copied and redeployed

ERC20 is the standard that allows us to create fungible tokens inside eth-like blockchains. This allows for the creation of all the coins you can trade and use inside a blockchain like Ethereum or Fantom

ERC721 is the standard that allows us to create non fungible tokens (NFT) inside eth-like blockchains. This allows for the exchange of tokenized assets inside a blockchain like Ethereum or Fantom

Minting in the NFT context is what we call when you are registering for the first time on the network the existence of an asset